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We have generated T-DNA insertional and activation tagging lines in japonica rice Oryza sativa cv. Dongjin or Hwayoung. The vectors used are pGA2707 (GUS trapping vector), pGA2717 (GUS and GFP trapping vector), and activation tagging vectors pGA2715 and pGA2772 (Jeon et al., 2000Jeong et al., 2002). Flanking sequences of each T-DNA were determined by inverse-PCR or TAIL PCR (An et al., 2003Jeong et al., 2006). The database can be searched at SIGnAL or RABDB site.

To request seeds, select the line numbers and send the list to We will inform you whether we have enough seeds to send them out. We provide 15-30 grains from the primary transgenic plants. If the seed number is less than 50 in our stock, we need to amplify the seeds before sent them out.

Fill out the MTA form (download) in duplicate and send it to Gynheung An, Department of Plant Systems Biotech, Kyung Hee University, Yongin 446-701, Republic of Korea. If you are ordering from USA or Australia, you will need to obtain an import permit from your government before we send you seeds. Other countries may also restrict the seed import.

We charge for a handling fee of US $100 and $100 per line. We may restrict the number of lines to be less than 100 per principal investigator in a given year.

-Last modified April 11th 2011

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